Short Courses & Field Trips

Conference attendees AND non-registered guests were invited to attend the following field trips and short courses facilitated during the 2022 Mine Water Solutions Conference.

Short Course

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Precipitation and Stormwater Management for Mine Closure: Analysis and Design

This short course will provide an overview of the methods, tools, and design approaches for precipitation estimation and stormwater management in mine closure planning.

Part 1: Development of extreme rainfall and site-specific meteorological analyses including Probable Maximum Precipitation and the current state-of-the-practice for mining operations.

Learn about the processes that have been applied across various mining operations world-wide in recent years and how those can be utilized at other locations to improve meteorological understanding, reduce risk, and more accurately allocate resources. 

This will include descriptions of the processes utilized to derive PMP and other meteorological parameters including the following from mining locations across the world from tropical locations to arctic settings, from sea level to 5000 meters and from hyper arid regions to extremely wet regions:

• Storm selection
• Storm reconstructions
• Storm adjustments
• Precipitation frequency development
• Areal Reduction factor development
• PMP calculations
• Spatial and temporal distributions
• Climate change assessments
• Long-term climate series
• Stochastic weather generation
• Documentation and PMP database development

Part 2: Stormwater management tools and methods in mine closure design.

Theory and case studies will be presented to demonstrate factors controlling peak runoff rates, runoff-induced erosion, and infiltration into reclaimed mine waste facilities. Further, tools and modelling approaches will be described relating to the estimation of runoff and infiltration. Finally, this second portion of the short course will review strategies and their trade-offs for cover systems and stormwater conveyance systems. Topics to be covered in the second portion of the short course include:

• Relationships between rainfall and runoff
• Factors controlling erosion and infiltration
• Site-specific design storms and intensity-duration-frequency relationships
• Event-based hydrologic modelling tools and approaches
• Climate and climate change considerations in cover system design
• Conveyance channel design alternatives and trade-offs

The goal of this short course is to demonstrate how precipitation estimates are completed, give appreciation for the uncertainty and subjective elements involved precipitation and runoff estimates, and demonstrate how these estimates can be used in mine reclamation and closure design. Attendees should expect to leave the short-course with an improved understanding of the meteorological and climatological development processes and how those results are utilized in stormwater management planning and design for mine reclamation and closure.


Bill Kappel, Applied Weather Associates, USA

Mr. Kappel is President and Chief Meteorologist of Applied Weather Associates (AWA) and has been the project manager for 100’s of PMP studies world-wide since 2004.  Mr. Kappel has also been heavily involved in several forensic meteorology cases, meteorological input parameters development for use in hydrologic model calibration/validation, reservoir inflow management/operations, and rain-on-snow melt calculations.  He served as an on-air meteorologist for 10 years at various television stations prior to joining AWA. Mr. Kappel has received degrees from Skagit Valley College (1992), Colorado Mesa University (1998), and Mississippi State University (2001). 

Nathan Haws, P.E., PhD, GeoSystems Analysis, Inc., USA

Nathan Haws is a registered professional civil engineer with over 15 years of engineering experience focused on surface and near surface water management, particularly for the gold and copper mining industry. He has served as project technical lead of the analysis and design of surface mine reclamation; mine heap leach facilities; river stabilization; and surface water risk mitigation in diverse regulatory and climatic environments. Nathan has authored or co-authored several peer reviewed publications and conference papers related to water and solute transport, surface water erosion protection, and heap leach design.


1:00 – 5:00 PM PST


Price: $375 CAD +tax

Field Trips

Monday, June 13, 2022

West Line Creek Water Treatment Facility

Mine Water Solutions 2022 is an unmatched forum to highlight successful practices that enable responsible mining in challenging environments. Come discover first-hand, how responsible mining is being carried out in British Columbia.

Join us for a unique field trip to the West Line Creek Water Treatment Facility north of Sparwood, BC, Canada. Led by Teck, one of Canada’s leading mining companies, this will be an excellent opportunity to visit a water treatment plant which is a part of the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan (EVWQP). The EVWQP was developed in cooperation with governments in Canada and the United States, Indigenous groups, communities, independent scientific experts, and others, and was approved by the B.C. Government in 2014.

Teck’s sustainability strategy in the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan has the long-term goal of stabilizing and reversing the trend of selenium, calcite and other constituents and improving the health of the watershed, while allowing for continued sustainable mining in the region.

Currently, Teck’s water treatment facilities are achieving approximately 95% removal of selenium and nitrate from treated water. You will see how one of those facilities, the West Line Creek Water Treatment Facility, is successfully treating 7.5 million litres of water per day and showing marked reductions in selenium and nitrate concentrations downstream.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to observe successful mine water management at the source!


  • West Line Creek Treatment Facility, north of Sparwood, BC Canada
  • Teck shuttle bus pickup from Sparwood Chamber of Commerce

Sample Itinerary:

  • 8:30 AM – Drive from Fernie to Sparwood Chamber of Commerce (20 min)
  • 9:00 AM – Teck pickup from Sparwood Chamber of Commerce
  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM – Tour
  • 1:00 PM Teck drop off from Sparwood Chamber of Commerce

*Please note the timing is approximate and a light lunch will be provided on the shuttle back.

Closest Airport:

  • Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies International Airport, YXC
  • Calgary International Airport, YYC

Hotel Options:

Important Notes:

  • Please bring your own steel toed boots. Teck may have extras but cannot guarantee sizes or availability. 
  • Attendees are responsible for coordinating their own travel and accommodations.


Friday, June 17, 2022

Mine Water Treatment Plant in Production

Saltworks provides cutting edge product solutions for mine water treatment. Their full-scale plant production, R&D labs, pilot testing facilities and engineering offices are all under one roof. Unfortunately, Saltworks Technologies has decided to cancel the field trip planned for the Mine Water Treatment Plant. Saltworks will contact you directly with further details if you registered for the field trip.